Improving Your Education

Improving Your Education

4 Tips For Gaining The Most From Your Biomedical Tech Program

by Johnni Warren

Biomedical technology is an interesting field that combines science or medicine with the technological aspects of engineering. If you are considering enrolling in a program, there are ways to improve both your educational and job prospects after graduation (from an outlet such as Career Institute of Technology).   

Aim High

Although there are opportunities for employment after graduation with a two-year degree, you should plan to earn at least a bachelor's degree in the field for more opportunities at specialization and a diverse educational experience. At the two-year degree level, most programs are more applied, with fewer opportunities for extensive coursework in science and math.

If you are unsure whether you want to continue your education, take courses that will fulfill your program requirements and transfer to another institution whenever possible. For example, many applied programs may have a specific biology or mathematics course that includes the fundamental information required to do your job. However, a two-semester, freshman-level course is more likely to transfer and may satisfy the requirements for your current program.

Consider Specializing

It may help to have a specialty within biomedical technology. Although you will have experience with using various instruments, in-depth knowledge of a class of instruments can make you more marketable. For example, diagnostic imaging is a popular choice because different forms of imaging, such as x-ray, CT, and MRI, are used in both medical and academic research settings. Another good option is sterilization since instruments need to be sterilized in medical and research settings. Try to find a specialization with a variety of job opportunities and that has longevity in the field.

Find Diverse Internships

Internships are essential for you to have hands-on experience. Much of your learning will occur in student laboratories and real-world settings. Internships will give you the opportunity to obtain more diverse experiences and in some cases, your internship may lead to employment opportunities. When possible, try to find an internship that includes both medical and research settings.

One way to combine these settings is to seek opportunities at teaching hospitals (ones with residency programs) or national organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Teaching hospitals and national organizations often have ongoing clinical trials, which combines the best of both medical and research internships.

Pursue Certification

Although becoming a biomedical technician does not require certification, you may want to voluntarily certify to increase your job opportunities. To become certified, you will need to complete your program and have adequate work experience. The certifying organization for biomedical technicians is the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). The AAMI offers multiple types of certification and if you have specialized, you may be qualified to sit for multiple certification exams.

The choices you make during your program can make it easier to pursue advanced education in your field or a related field while increasing your job prospects. Use a combination of diverse coursework and internship opportunities to improve your marketability.  


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