Improving Your Education

Improving Your Education

Writing An Essay For Business School? These Tips Will Help

by Johnni Warren

Going to business school is a crowning achievement for many people. If you are thinking about going to business school, you may have learned that you need to write an essay as part of your application process. Essays for business school do not have to hold you back, even if you don't consider yourself a writer.

These tips will help you write a winning essay that helps you get into business school.

Know Which Skills to Promote

Business schools want to accept students with goals and the desire to lead. Use your essay as a way to promote your leadership skills. How are you proactive? How do you maintain a sense of discipline? Your essay needs to illustrate these key points.

Your essay should also point out to admissions counselors why you are a unique candidate. Stress the traits that are going to make you successful not only in school but also as a professional.

Know Which Characteristics the School Is Looking For

Peruse the website of the business school you intend to apply to. Look for the values the school promotes. For instance, you might see the term "integrity." How can you demonstrate in your essay that you have integrity? Use specific examples in your essay to illustrate your point.

At the same time, you should also be willing to discuss ways in which you take risks. Use your essay as a way to show your risk-taking skills in a way that your resume may not necessarily display.

Write to the Prompt

When you apply to business school with an essay, always answer the question that is asked. Avoid taking the prompt to a different place to answer the question that you wish was asked. The admissions counselor will note that you did not answer the question.

Support Your Claims With Evidence

Every claim you make in your admissions essay must be backed by a real-life example. In the best-case scenario, your real-life example will show off a skill or ability that would be beneficial to the business world. Don't leave the admissions counselor wondering if you have experience or skills.

Business School Is a Stepping Stone Toward Success

Still on the fence about applying for business school? Don't be. Business school is a great way to launch a successful career and learn all the skills you need to become stronger in communication, creation, and discipline. It all starts with applying for school.


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