Improving Your Education

Improving Your Education

Top Signs You Should Become A Dental Assistant Instead Of A Dental Hygienist

by Johnni Warren

If you are thinking about getting involved in the dental industry, you might have played around with the idea of going to dental hygiene school. After all, as you probably already know, dental hygienists are in high demand and can have lucrative careers. There are other jobs in the dental industry that you can look into as well, though. For example, it might be a better idea for you to go to dental assistant school. This might be the case if any of the following things are true.

You'd Like to Complete School More Quickly

Some people, such as younger students who are just graduating from high school, don't mind dedicating a few years to going to school. However, if you are a working adult who needs to be able to get your schooling done quickly and enter the workforce as soon as possible, or if you otherwise need to be able to get your schooling over with as soon as possible, you might find that a dental hygiene program will take too long. To become a dental hygienist, you have to earn an associate's or bachelor's degree. With the dental assisting program, however, you can actually complete your courses in a few months.

You'd Rather Not Perform Dental Procedures

If you work as a dental hygienist, you will have to perform a number of different dental procedures. You will perform cleanings, polishing, and more. If you work as a dental assistant, however, the number of dental procedures that you will perform will be much more limited. Instead, you'll spend time doing things like sterilizing dental instruments, scheduling appointments, talking to patients about healthy oral practices, and other similar things. If you think you would feel more comfortable doing these tasks as opposed to actually performing dental procedures, then you will probably be happier as a dental assistant.

You Don't Mind a Slightly Lower Income

Even though you might be passionate about dental care, one of the things that you might be worried about is making a good income. It's important to note that dental hygienists are typically paid more than dental assistants. If you like the idea of being a dental assistant overall and don't mind bringing in a slightly smaller income, however, you may be happy as a dental assistant.

As you can see, there are some differences between dental assisting and dental hygiene. If any of the things listed above are true for you, then you may want to consider signing up for dental assisting courses instead of dental hygiene classes. Either way, though, you can get a great job in the field of dentistry once you complete your training.


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