Improving Your Education

Improving Your Education

4 Great Reasons To Get Your Pest Control Recertification

by Johnni Warren

State requirements for continuing education units (or CEUs) can feel like a frustrating obstacle in your career. If you are running a successful business in pest control or are an independent contractor, continuing education courses can feel like they are eating up valuable time. But, other than being a state requirement, these continuing education courses can be a great resource for your career in pest control. Here are four great ways that continuing education can benefit your career.

They're Practically Helpful

Having to take a class on pest control can seem redundant when you have already been doing work in the pest control profession. However, education and courses like these can be incredibly practically valuable. Safety and regulations are often part of courses, but more practical knowledge like pesticide formulations and modes of action are practical things that can help you in your everyday work. Having extensive practical knowledge can help you appear, feel, and actually be more confident in your work.

Improves Marketability

Completing continuing education courses can be a great way to market your skills. Clients are often attracted to professionals who are continuously willing to learn and be interested in the pest control field. Sometimes certifications and education can be the deciding factor that lands you more jobs or clients who are interested in your commitment to your work. It can really make you look good while being a great way for you to actually be more knowledgeable and ready to answer questions.

Keeping Up With the Industry

Taking your pest control certification classes can help you stay on top of developments in the industry and be ready to be at the forefront of changes in pest control laws and regulations. Best practices often change in any professional field, and pest control is no exception. Being on top of your certifications will help you get the edge over those who are not as familiar with current best practice.

Opportunities for Promotion

Whether it is a promotion or an increase in pay, continuing education can directly help you in your current job and also when starting a new job. New employees are often given a starting pay that reflects their experience and education. Being able to give proof of continuing education can give you a leg up immediately at a new job. If you feel you are stagnating in your current position or just looking for better prospects out there, continuing education could really help you out.

For more information on pest control recertification classes, contact a professional near you.


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